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With so many options, most Americans have become overwhelmed by health insurance and its many supplements. Now that open enrollment has ended, most people won’t have to worry about considering coverage options again for another year. There are, however, exceptions to every rule. For example, if you experience a “major life event”, you could become eligible for an additional enrollment period. These events are milestones like getting a new job, getting married or divorced, and hdoctorofficeaving or adopting a child.

Even with all of the available options for major medical coverage, the selection really boils down to three simple choices: employer-offered, private exchange, or government marketplace.

In this week’s #Tell Taylor, we want to know which option was the right fit for you and your family. Take our brief survey here:

If you missed open enrollment and are currently eligible for enrollment due to a major life event, we would love to help you get the coverage you need. Visit or call (877) 766-7261.

Call your Taylor Agent today for more information. Don’t have a Taylor Agent yet? We’d love to get you connected. Call (229) 247-6411.

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