Protecting Your Workers from Zika

Zika virus positiveReports of the Zika Virus reaching the United States came as early as January 2016, but with hundreds of confirmed cases on American soil and the warmth of summertime, peak mosquito season has concerns on the rise. While the majority of American cases are travel-related, the discovery of it’s ability to be sexually transmitted has caused the concern around Zika’s potential spread to increase significantly.

While local virus transmission does not seem to be the major concern of most experts, projections suggest that infection rates in America will be most heavily influenced by traveling and sexual contact. For more information about the Zika virus and it’s global impact, visit the CDC’s page on the matter here.

Warmer climates where mosquitoes thrive are at the greatest risk, as mosquitoes are the primary culprit for local transmission. Protection from mosquitoes should be prioritized to help protect homes and workplaces. For a full description of the virus and how you can help to protect your employees from infection, click here.

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