Our service orientation is not only our brand, but also our way of life.

Our team is built from a true calling to help people in the employee benefits space. We are career-focused, and this reflects not only in how we strive to make our client’s lives easier but also in the quality of the products and services we provide. We act as an advocate for your business, which helps you to minimize risk while protecting your staff. The average insurance agent lasts 21 months at their profession while the members of our team maintain up to 16 – 18 years of service and end up retiring with us. Our high level of dedication and retention is what we attribute our success to, and it’s why you won’t find a comparable level of service or leadership at any other firm.


We’ve established a comprehensive set of attitudes that are at the core of everything we do at Taylor Insurance Services. They are at the heart of how we act, think, and work with our clients. It’s what sets us apart from any other firm in this industry and how we can offer high-quality employee benefits at reasonable prices.

Be Client-Focused

We place our focus on the needs of our clients, and this establishes the right priorities for our daily work. Our cultural DNA causes us to practice these actions

  • We Listen to and understand clients’ current and desired situations.
  • We work to assist and improve the value we create for them.
  • We Connect with people and are sensitive to a client’s personal needs.

Be Goal-Oriented

We are consistently focused on our goals. By setting specific, clear goals, we measure and take pride in our achievement.  This raises our self-confidence and establishes our competence as we achieve the goals we set.

  • We set goals for long-term vision, and short-term motivation.
  • We focus on acquiring knowledge and successful experience to reach higher goals.
  • We organize time and resources to make the most of our lives.

Be Accountable

We are accountable for results.  We live “Above the Line”, and are constantly aware of our Key Results, and how our individual actions impact them.

  • We finish the drill.
  • We complete the tasks assigned to us.
  • We never let the team down because of personal failure or weak effort.

Be Praiseworthy

Praise costs nothing and enriches all.  We count our ability to give praise as one of our most valuable tools.  We actively look for opportunities to praise the work of others.

  • We praise good works when we see them in all parts of our lives.
  • We celebrate achievement.
  • We work to deserve the praise of others.

Be Fun-Loving and Determined

We’ve chosen a career that is not easy.  It may be simple, but done properly, it is never easy.  While we never surrender to difficult talks, neither do we deny ourselves the rewards of achievement.

  • We work hard to play hard.
  • We bring to our tasks intense levels of focus, urgency, determination, respect and good humor.
  • We relax and enjoy the product of our success when work is done, and goals are reached.

Be Well-Spoken

We know that the responsibility of clear communications rests with each of us.  We understand that we communicate, not just with our words, but by values, genuine desire to help clients, and by the image we cultivate.

  • We ask questions to understand people’s true meaning and feelings.
  • We listen for people’s words, emotions, and body language.
  • We seek first to understand, and then to be understood.

Be Truthful

We practice Truth for its Own Sake.  It may be called by many names, but great people recognize that Truth is universal and unchangeable. Honesty, integrity authenticity, and doing the right thing all carry strong auras of positive influence. Truth defines our firm.

  • No matter the consequences, we tell the Truth. We do so fiercely when appropriate, gently when called for, but authentically at all times.
  • We do the right thing, as well as say the right thing.
  • We know that truth brings courage and confidence.

Be Kind

We are looking for more than just a paycheck, more than just money.  We want, crave, and hunger to work with a group of people who care about each other, who care about winning, and who care about what their careers enable them to accomplish in life.

  • We treat each other as family.
  • We freely forgive others of irritations, personality differences, and actual short-comings.
  • We consider our own imperfections when we are moved to criticize or condemn others.

Be Service-Minded

We are committed to serving others.  We can only grow personally, professionally, and spiritually by continually looking for more and better ways to serve others.  We look to serve clients, co-workers, our organization, and family members, all in a balanced way—realizing that all impact our career success.

  • We focus on the service, and the rewards will come.
  • We give the level of service that brings the level of rewards we want to enjoy.
  • We go the Extra-Mile, forgetting about immediate needs and trust that increased rewards will come.

Be Intentional

Our intent brings consistent results. A service purpose brings increased passion. More energy. More confidence. More activity. More sales. This sets the Law of Attraction in motion—attracting people to us. Accessing the power of our I Am that motivates our communication and behavior.

  • We repeat our client-focused purpose statements daily.
  • We visualize creating increased levels of value for clients, associates, and our firm.
  • We allow these to drive and motivate us each day.

Be Intrepid

We fail forward.  Failures are a natural part of a business, never to be accepted and never to be sought, but always acknowledged as proof of risk taking and growth. We take from our failures only lessons, never regrets. After a failure, knowledge remains and bitterness has flown.

  • We expect problems, but don’t welcome them.
  • We repeat:  “Every problem strengthens me for greater things ahead, when I solve it.”
  • We believe:  “Every problem has a logical solution and I will seek to find it.”

Be Excellent

We are excellent in all we do.  The secret of success, if secret it is, is to accomplish those tasks that others have no taste for. They may be difficult, distasteful, mundane, or repetitive, but we know it doesn’t matter. Only be doing them, can we set ourselves apart from those who company we would not keep.

  • We strive for perfection, but settle for excellence.
  • We recognize that the more we learn, the more we learn there is to learn.
  • We consistently study excellence in all its forms.

Be Abundance-Minded

We are abundance minded. We study abundance in all its incarnations—God’s nature, seasons, art, architecture, and the writings of great minds. God has created everything in abundance, infusing us with His Spirit, making great things available to us as we believe and access His intelligence and creative Nature.

  • We study wise words.
  • We pray for greater vision, belief, and service excellence.
  • We set frequent, short term, small advancement goals that seem attainable, and keep us expanding.
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