Making HR Simple

hr-hinds-human-resources-keyboardHuman Resources is a broad term with lots of specific responsibilities…but in a nutshell, it’s really just talent management. HR covers the vast expanse of “personnel processes”, from recruiting the right people for the right positions to growing their skill sets, and from measuring satisfaction to ensuring that the organization is following all employment laws and requirements.

We know you HR professionals have your plates full with balancing all of the requirements of doing your work well, and we want to help you to simplify things a bit.

bigstock-Human-Resources-Employment-Job2600-740x431Here are a few tools that can help make managing your organization’s talent easier:

Interview Toolkit – This Interviewing Toolkit gives an overview of the hiring process and best practices, and it explains each step of preparing for and conducting an interview.

HR Audits – This article discusses the importance of an HR audit and what is involved in conducting one.

HR Insights – Top 5 Issues to Monitor in 2016 – This HR Insights newsletter discusses 5 important HR issues that should be monitored in 2016.

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