Employee Benefits Identified as Leading Cause of Boomerang

Taylor Insurance Services has recently had the pleasure of reintroducing a former employee to the team. Claims Specialist, Ashellie Johnson, left the team due to relocation but recently moved back to the area. She almost immediately contacted our office, and we were happy to plug her right back in.

happy-employeeMany businesses are noticing a trend in return employees, referred to some as “boomerang workers.” The pattern has caused several analysts to wonder what is causing the rise in return and which factors determine former employees’ desire  to pick up where they left off. Employers are becoming increasingly willing to welcome back those who left on good terms, as they not only have a familiarity with the work and company culture, but they now also bring with them knowledge they have accumulated while working elsewhere.

According to Employee Benefits News, the primary cause for return is the wealth of employee benefits. View the full article here. According to the report:

“And, when employees were asked for the top reason they would go back to work for a former employer if the pay was comparable, benefits and a better career path tied for the No. 1 response, found an earlier survey by The Workforce Institute at Kronos.”

happy-employees-aasaanjobsEmployees clearly consider benefit options very seriously when considering employment opportunities, and benefits have proven a key factor in determining employee satisfaction. Overall employee satisfaction can have a major impact on productivity and branding.

“When employees are happy they are your very best ambassadors.” – James Sinegal, founder and former CEO, Costco.

Want more specifics about what kinds of voluntary employee benefits options are available to you? Start here: Plan Designs – Voluntary BenefitsIf you would like to learn more about voluntary coverage options and employee benefits solutions, call your Taylor Insurance Services expert today. Don’t have a Taylor Agent? We’d love to get you connected to the Power of T. Call us today at (229) 247-6411. Our experts are ready to help you get the most out of your employee benefits program and develop strategies that both recruit and retain top-notch talent.

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