Building a Brand that Attracts Millennials

millennialsTalent and creativity abound in the Millennial generation, making young workers ideal for a wide variety of roles in various industries. Appealing to millennial job-seekers, however, will likely require more than just getting the numbers right. Unlike their predecessors, millennials consider more than just salary when seeking out career opportunities. Their need to identify with company culture and contribute to society play a major role in job selection, as do opportunities for advancement and work-life balance.

To millennials, a job is not just a source of income, but a part of their social and active lives. Accenture’s 2015 College Graduate Employment Study found that 59% of recent graduates would prefer to work in a company with a positive social atmosphere over a place with a higher salary. Another 52% would forgo some compensation to work at a company with an impressive commitment to the environment or the social impact of its products and services. – Employee Benefits News

By 2030, millennials are expected to make up half of the American workforce, so many companiesScreen Shot 2016-06-20 at 4.14.22 PM are already implementing policies and practices intended to appeal to these candidates.  A recent article from Employee Benefits News explains that an innovative approach to company culture is key for attracting and retaining young workers. Successful companies like Zappos and Patagonia are cited for strategies involving hands-off style hierarchies and flexible time-off policies. Additionally, companies that use mobile platforms to seek out potential employees fare better with millennials than traditional recruitment methods.

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