Are You Eligible for Premium Tax Credits?

Premium Tax CreditLow to moderate income families are, in most cases, eligible to receive assistance with health insurance coverage purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace with premium tax credits, or PTCs. Typically, the income range for eligible families falls between 100% – 400% of the federal poverty level. In order to receive this credit, these families must meet all qualifications and file an annual tax return.

According to, you can use all of your credit, some of it, or none of it to help lower your monthly premium.

  • If you use more of the credit than what you qualify for based on your income, you’ll have to pay back the difference when you file your return.
  • If you don’t use the maximum that you qualify for, you’ll receive the difference as a credit when you file your return.

Application for coverage through the Marketplace automatically determines your qualification for PTC assistance, but if you would like to get an idea about what you can expect, check out this handy infographic.

For a more detailed list of qualifications, click here. For information about how premium tax credits Premium Tax Creditcan help you save on your monthly healthcare premiums, click here.

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